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Krabi Islands

Simply spectacular! Come to Krabi! (It’s actually pronounced Grah’-bee.) The Krabi region is east of Phuket and has a dazzling coastline with hundreds of gorgeous tropical islands. Enjoy the towering limestone cliffs that rise suddenly out of the sea. There are soft white sand beaches and welcoming small coves aplenty. Among the most popular spots for your fellow-travelers is the beautiful and famous sandbank, Talay Waek between Tub Island and Chicken Island, the stunning Poda Island and Chicken Island. You’ll visit perfect spots for taking-in the rays, going for a swim or donning a water mask and breathing tube to get a better view of the abundant life under the surface of the glistening waters. On this famous 4-Islands Tour you’ll board the ferry in Phuket and sail to Krabi Province. At the town of Ao Nang you’ll transfer to a speedboat… and then get ready for a feast for your eyes.
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