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patong beach

patong beach If you come to visit Patong, the first location that you shouldn’t miss is PatongBeach, a famous beach that is like one of the landmarks of Phuket. It is a relaxing place with many activities to do, such as parachuting, riding a jet ski, banana boat, sailing, swimming, and chilling on the beach. There are also accommodations, shopping centers, restaurants, and famous beach clubs for us to sunbathe and enjoy the comfortable sea breeze.

Patong, one of the tourist attractions in Phuket, is a municipality.

Which has a territory covering the area of Patong Subdistrict in Kathu District, a place to visit in Patong. Phuket Province, visit Patong, an important tourist city of the province. Things to do In terms of tourism, aside from  patong beach which is a tourist attraction.

And then there are Patong hotels that also have many other tourist attractions. It can be said that they are complete. When visiting Patong, come to stay near Phuket Airport.Patong places to visit Phuket Province, the source of popular coordinates The busiest place in Phuket.

Filled with shopping malls, restaurants, markets, beautiful beaches, shopping, restaurants, accommodations and beautiful temples, it is the center of Phuket’s nightlife and shopping. Therefore, it is popular with both Thai! and foreign tourists. who come to relax all year round. Today we have places to visit in Patong to present. Patong places to visit Which is better than the sea! There will be some places that everyone likes. Let’s go and see.

patong beach , a popular tourist destination in Phuket province.

Both Thai and foreign tourists come to visit and relax throughout the year.  Chang Thai Because it has all the facilities and has many styles of tourist attractions, such as beaches, beautiful temples, shopping areas, accommodations, restaurants, as well as the coordinates of beautiful check-in points. Today, Gangtravel has compiled 10 places to visit in Patong, Phuket, coordinates. Don’t miss out on checking in.  beach pattaya Let’s come and introduce you to where we’ll be. Let’s go a beach in Kathu District.

Phuket Province! It is considered to be Phuket’s! most famous beach.  patong beach It is a beach! that is fully equipped! with amenities such as hotels, restaurants, dive shops, water sports equipment shops, and many others to serve tourists. With a beach that is over 4 kilometers long and complete with facilities. Patong is therefore the most popular beach for visitors.

But during the COVID situation,  has become a lonely beach. and not as lively as usual Almost every store on the beach road is closed. It has become a beautiful, peaceful beach with white sand, blue water, and chic beach decoration props for taking photos.  is the most beautiful beach in Phuket and is so famous all over the world that it can be said that when Phuket sea is mentioned.

Many people often think of PatongBeach first.

The beauty of Patong makes people from all over come to visit this beach. patong beach  In addition to the charm of white sandy beaches and clear blue seas, Patong is also well equipped with many amenities and is a center for many forms of business and entertainment. Tour services include elephant riding, trekking, canoeing, island hopping, and dozens of fishing and diving shops.

as well as a shopping center mall Many souvenir shops It can be said that everything that tourists desire Asking for a place in Patong Location and transportation: Located in Kathu District,  patong beach phuket 15 km from Phuket Town. Private car from the town, take route 4020, pass Tainan Intersection and Ket Ho Intersection, go straight towards Kathu District, pass Kathu District Office, go straight to 4.

Si Kor intersection Turn left onto Highway No.

patong beach

4029 and go about 3.5 km. past Suwan Khiriwong Temple at the intersection. Go straight along Phra Barami Road for another 1 km. and you will meet Highway No. 4233 or Thaweewong Road, which is a road along the beach. Turn left to Two-way buses.  patong beach Take the Phuket-Patong Beach bus. The fare is 15 baht.History of in the past was a beach that the general public did not know. In addition to the hippie group that loves nature and peace. Because the beach is behind a steep mountain.

The journey is difficult.  changthairentals There are only sea people living there. And this beach! is called Krako Tor, referring! to the walled gorge that separates Kathu District from the beach. You can walk through this gorge to reach the sandy beach in this area. patong beach  As time passes People therefore called it distorted from the original as Kra Kraton. and eventually became. After Phra Barami Road was cut in 1959, it made traveling! to more convenient. This marks the opening of the world! of tourism to be known among tourists.

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