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5 tips how to avoid road fines from Police in Phuket.[UPDATE 11-Dec-2023]

police stop tourist
Police stop tourist motorbike for check driver lincense
Police stop tourist motorbike for check driver lincense

The matter of setting up a checkpoint to detect tourists riding motorbikes in Phuket Province. It is widely known Famous all over the world causing tourists to pay unnecessary fines Tourists who come to travel should spend money on things that make themselves happy. You shouldn’t have to pay such a large fine. This time we will introduce ways to prevent getting fines from the police for riding a motorbike in Phuket.

1. Check Motorcycle Registration : Before renting a motorbike, you should check the registration document to see if it has expired or not by looking at the year of the Buddhist Era attached to the vehicle. For example, this year is the year 2566. If the registration document has the number 2565 written on it, it means that it has already expired. If the police detect it, There will be a fine of 1,000 baht.
2. Always Wear a Helmet : Wear a helmet at all times while riding a motorcycle. Because a helmet is the one that allows the police to see wrongdoing most easily. If you don't wear a helmet You will be fined another 1,000 baht by the police.
3. Valid Driving License : Motorbike driving license It's the first thing the police will ask you to check.
Thai Driving License
Thai Driving License
3.1 Thai Driving License : Driving license in Thailand Suitable for tourists who want to live in Thailand for a long time. Because the fee is cheap As for the details and the process of applying for a motorcycle driving license in Thailand We have written the details in this link Do Thai motorbike driving license.
International driving license(IDP)
International driving license(IDP)
3.2 International driving license(IDP) : This can be done from your own country. and online It's very convenient and fast. But there will be a higher price. There are quite a few driver's licenses in Thailand. You can click the link to view details on applying for an international driver's license.
If we have one of these driver's licenses We will be safe from unnecessary fines and have peace of mind when we encounter police everywhere we ride.
4. Modify motorcycles are louder than the law specifies. Or change the color by wrapping the sticker. causing the color to not match the bike's document The police can fine you too.
5. Riding fast may cause danger to others who share the road. can be fined as well Even if you have all the correct documents.
If you can follow all of these points, You will be able to ride around Phuket with ease. You will definitely not have to worry about fines from the police.
police stop tourist
police stop tourist

Phuket Motorbike Checkpoint: Tips to Avoid Fines While Riding

For anyone who still doesn't have all the documents as stated, hurry and do them. Between the documents, there are still incompletes. We can avoid encountering the police as well. We will tell you where the police often set up checkpoints. We shouldn't ride through that route.
 1. Chalong circle intersection. This area has a checkpoint almost every day. Check every bikes that is a tourist, but try using Google Maps to look carefully. There will be a shortcut around without going through the Chalong circle, on the Kata side towards Rawai and on the Chaofa West Road side towards Kata.
2. The way up Karon Hill Located in front of Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket, there is no way to avoid this area at all. Prepare yourself well.
3. Entrance to Patong, road from Karon Beach to Patong. Before reaching "Khai Muk Circle"
5. In the center of Patong, exit Bangla Road. In front of Jungceylon Department Store In this area there is a way to bypass other roads.
We have already told you the important points where the police like to set up checkpoints. Study the route further, you will definitely be safe from fines. But it's best to follow the steps correctly. You won't have to ride to avoid the police. And you can definitely ride comfortably.

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