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phuket bike week largest motorcycle event in Asia. 

phuket bike week 2023 the legendary event in Asia, This event will be the large gathering of motorcyclists, esxpecting to draw over 10,000 motorcycles, 50,000 visitors from 30 countries to Phuket. The excitement will take place in Patong Beach

Once you hear the roar of packs of big bikes rumbling around the hills and highways of Phuket Island, you’ll know that Phuket Bike Week is coming. This annual event is usually set in the month of April and is often organised to coincide with Songkran, Chang Thai

phuket bike week  Thailand’s biggest festival. 

It has a number of concurrent fun events to entertain bikers, their friends, families, and onlookers. These include motorbike and custom bike exhibitions, a competition, a beach party, concerts and a ride for peace, just to name a few. The bike week also fosters the spirit of unity among Asian riders as many participants come from Malaysia, Singapore and neighbouring countries.

And now for something completely different. Back in 2009, I decided to check out some of the annual Phuket Bike Week event which normally takes place around the same date as Songkran (April 13th) every year – 2023 will be the 27th time the event has been held. During the event,

Phuket is full of big bikes ranging from Harleys to big racing bikes and plenty of amazing custom built choppers. There are bikes on show at the JungCeylon mall at Patong Beach, there are usually phuket bike week

events/live music/food stalls by the beach in Patong (at “Loma Park” towards the north end of the beach) and bike rides around the island. If you are here, you will almost notice something going on! I’ll maybe have the chance to visit another year and get some new photos

is one of the biggest bike convention in Asia

and it has been running for 2 decades already. If you have any slight interests in bikes at all, this event will be a fascinating visit. This event is usually organized to coincide with the New Year of Thailand, the Songkran Water Festival in April. Riders from all changthairentals

over Asia gather at this event annually and showcase their prized bike, share riding knowledge, check out what’s new on the biker’s market and ride together. Main activities takes place along the most famous beach phuket bike week 2023 of Patong, while other interests may be located elsewhere in Phuket.

If you’re in Phuket around mid-April, you will most likely notice big bikes and phuket bike week choppers rumbling around the island, which can only mean one thing – the island is revving up to Phuket Bike Week. Every year over Songkran,

bikers from all around the region gather in Phuket to participate in Asia’s largest motorcycle event, which attracts over 10,000 enthusiasts on wheels, including those arriving on riding processions from nearby provinces. 1 day trip ภูเก็ต

The event itself straddles the Thai New Year of Songkran, with activities happening at Patong Beach leading up to the Thai New Year, and restarting at Phuket Boat Lagoon right after.

rent bike phuket
rent bike phuket

Phuket Bike Week is phuket bike lover a much anticipated event on the island. It takes place in April and coincides with Songkran, making Phuket even more attractive during this time. Phuket Bike Week draws more than 50,000 visitors from over 30 countries! phuket bike week

Phuket Bike Week highlights

The event’s main attractions take place at Loma Park on Patong Beach, as well as at various locations in Patong, such as the football field across the road from the park and Jungceylon Shopping Mall.

The top activity that most bike enthusiasts look forward to every year is the motorcycle exhibition. It’s a chance to have a closer look at some fancy big bikes and choppers of various brands, including Harley Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha. The custom bike show is also another highlight of the week-long event. It never fails to draw a big crowd year after year.

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