Chang Thai Motorbike Rental Phuket

How to rent motorbike?

Renting a motorbike in Phuket, Thailand is relatively easy and can be done at various rental shops around the island. Here’s how to rent a motorbike in Phuket:

  1. Check your eligibility: Make sure you have a valid driving license and are comfortable riding a motorbike.
  2. Find a rental shop: Look for a reputable rental shop in your area or near your hotel. Chang Thai
  3. Choose your bike: Browse the available motorbikes and choose one that fits your needs and budget.
  4. Review the rental agreement: Read the rental agreement carefully and make sure you understand the terms and conditions.
  5. Provide identification: You will need to provide a valid form of identification, such as a passport or ID card.
  6. Pay the rental fee: Pay the rental fee, which may include a deposit and insurance.
  7. Inspect the bike: Before you take the bike, inspect it thoroughly to make sure it is in good condition.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the bike: Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the controls and features of the bike before setting off.
  9. Drive safely: Always wear a helmet and drive carefully, following the traffic laws and rules of the road.
  10. Return the bike: Return the bike in the same condition as you received it and settle any outstanding charges or fees. changthairentals
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