Chang Thai Motorbike Rental Phuket

Motorbike for rent at Rawai

Located on the quieter southeast coast of Phuket, between Promthep Cape and Chalong Bay, Chang Thai Motorbike Rentals at Rawai Beach offers a unique experience.

Unlike the west coast beaches of Phuket, Rawai Beach isn’t ideal for swimming, but it possesses a distinct charm that makes it an appealing destination. This beach stands out as a working beach where local fishermen can be spotted diligently tending to their fishing boats and organizing their gear for the day’s work.

Rawai offers a different atmosphere compared to the bustling west coast. It’s a place where the authentic livelihood of local fishermen adds a touch of genuine charm to your experience. Take a ride with Chang Thai Motorbike Rentals to explore the distinctive allure of Rawai Beach.

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