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At Karon Beach in Phuket, Chang Thai Motorbike Rentals offers a chance to explore one of the longest beaches on the island. Stretching across 5 km of beautiful white sand overlooking the Andaman Sea, this beach has something for everyone.

A Tale of Two Ends

The northern end of Karon Beach is a tranquil haven, often deserted, providing an ideal setting for those seeking a peaceful beach experience. On the other hand, the southern end near Kata is a bit busier, but fear not – finding a nice spot for yourself isn’t a challenging task.

Seasons and Seas

During the high season from November to April, Karon Beach boasts crystal-clear waters with very few waves. However, come the southwest monsoon season from May to October, caution is essential. The beach encounters dangerous swells and riptides during this period. While lifeguards are present, paying attention to warning flags is crucial for a safe beach day.

Turtle Tales

Nighttime at Karon Beach brings a unique spectacle as sea turtles often lay their eggs in the sand. If you’re lucky enough to spot these marvelous creatures or their tracks, inform your hotel promptly. They can then contact the Phuket Marine Biological Centre, home to the Sea Turtle Conservation Project. This initiative focuses on rescuing injured turtles and ensuring the safe incubation of eggs to support the growth of the turtle population.

Karon’s Charm

Ranking third on our beach popularity page, Karon is a gem in Phuket’s crown. With a 3-kilometer stretch of inviting white sand, diverse dining options, and vibrant nightlife, it remains a hidden paradise. Unlike some tourist-crowded spots, Karon offers a spacious beach adorned with prominent hotels along the frontage road and a charming small town that adds to its allure.

Honda ADV 2024
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Honda ADV 2024


In 2024, the ADV160 comes with a more powerful engine. With increased displacement, four valves per cylinder, and our latest eSP+ engine setup (also featured in our PCX), you'll enjoy excellent fuel efficiency and ample power. However, certain exceptional features remain unchanged: the robust steel "underbone" frame sets the ADV160 apart from other scooters, and the spacious underseat storage allows you to carry your expedition gear or weekly groceries. The ADV160 still boasts a two-position windscreen, Honda SMART Key, and automatic transmission, making it the SUV of the scooter world. Whether it's a grand adventure or a small journey, the ADV160 is an excellent choice!

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