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Motorbike for rent at Kamala Beach

Discover the tranquility of Kamala Beach, located approximately 9.5 km north of bustling Patong in Phuket. This serene stretch of sand offers a peaceful environment, making it an ideal spot for sunbathing and engaging in various beach activities found at the northern end.

Kamala’s slower pace makes it a favorite among retirees and long-term visitors in Phuket. As you travel along the winding road leading to the beach, you’ll encounter small hotels, villas, and apartments boasting breathtaking views of Kamala Bay.

Weather and Water Adventures

From November to April (high season), the waters of Kamala Beach are clear and calm, creating a perfect setting for a relaxing beach day. However, be aware that between May and October, the ocean swell may bring in large waves. While swimming is generally safe, pay attention to red flags indicating it’s best to let the surfers enjoy the sea.

Kamala Beach Delights

Nestled on Phuket’s west coast, Kamala Beach is a delightful destination, especially favored by families and travelers seeking a quieter holiday experience. The vast beachfront hosts numerous Thai and international restaurants, a unique luxury in Phuket.

The addition of the Pine Beach Bar at The Intercontinental Hotel and the Cafe Del Mar beach club has only added to Kamala’s appeal. Even with these additions, the beach retains its beauty during the high season, offering clear waters and a plethora of beachside amenities. Explore beachfront restaurants, shopping opportunities, top-notch hotels, and convenient direct beach access at Kamala.

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