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bike rent Are you looking for a motorbike or scooter for a great riding experience around Phuket Island?

welcome to changtha bike rent

Anyone who has travel plans already You can make a reservation now. The shop is opposite the airport. The shop has a service to pick up customers to make contracts across from the airport. Just wait at exit 3 and call the shop and a staff member will pick you up immediately.

The most comfortable the motorcycle, the customer returns it to the shop. The staff will take you to Phuket Airport at Exit 3 as usual. Travel comfortably with a new motorcycle with full tread.

No matter how much gas you receive, you will refill the same amount as before. Very easy. You can contact the shop 24 hours a day. Many days, the shop will go to the shop. Give a discount. Helmets are available Chang Thai

bike rent

The most economical travel service must be given here.

Service with heart because we love service. To reserve a motorcycle, call 0936871999. Cheap self-drive motorcycle rental service. Daily, weekly, monthly rentals. Rental price per day for all models. Documents and rental procedures are simple.

Airport pick-up and drop-off service available, new motorcycle available Clean, every motorcycle has been inspected. Reserve in advance before anyone else. There is a motorcycle delivery service to your location. No need to pick up the motorcycle yourself. Easy, convenient, and on time. You can make an appointment. and a place to pick up and return the motorcycle as convenient for the customer..

Tips for traveling in Phuket

  • You should drive motorcycleefully and without motorcycleelessness. Because there may be other motorcycle driving illegally and causing danger. motorcycle
  • If you drive slowly and are not familiar with the route, you should drive to the left first.
  • Be careful of pickup trucks that may be moving fast. and large trucks
  • Don’t forget to carry your driver’s license.
  • Inspect themotorcycle together with the owner. and take pictures of various marks the motorcycle before renting every time To confirm that it is a scratch that happened before our rental.
  • If the motorcycle owner asks for a driver’s license You should only provide a copy of the card and sign it at all times.

Places to visit in Phuket 2023. Take beautiful photos, travel in the summer, travel to Phuket, the sea, the old town, beautiful temples, everything. Must check in.

Sino-Portuguese building Phuket Old Town

In addition to the beautiful sea of Phuket The first beautiful photo spot that we want you to check in is Phuket Old Town Go for a walk and take beautiful photos with the Sino-Portuguese building. which is

a combination of Western and Eastern art. put together perfectly Including this place is also a highlight of Phuket province. Because there is a souvenir shop local restaurant Including a chill cafe to sit in. We recommend that you allow plenty of time to walk around this area. Because it’s so beautiful that you definitely won’t get bored taking photos. bike for rent

Laem Phromthep

The most popular Phuket tourist attraction that must be pinned and checked in is none other than Promthep Cape. A famous viewpoint and place to watch the sunset that has become an important landmark for many tourists. People often come to watch the sun bike rent   set over the horizon in the evening.

As well as admiring the beauty of the cape that looks like it juts out into the middle of the sea. Surrounded by palm trees that line up. and the emerald green sea water that hits the rocks until it forms white foam. Resulting in a beautiful image that impressed many people. Another place to visit in Phuket. What you shouldn’t miss is Laem Phromthep. changthairentals

Let me tell you that this place is considered to be Sunset viewing point The most beautiful place In Thailand ever. Recommended to visit here in the evening. To go see the beauty of the sunset. Get the cool sea breeze Plus the atmosphere is romantic as well.

Anyone planning to travel to Phuket for the first time Must not miss! Stopping to check in at a landmark that doesn’t check in is like not having arrived in Phuket like Promthep Cape.

Especially during this period, you can definitely say that you will get beautiful pictures without crowds. In addition, at Laem Phromthep, in addition to being the most beautiful place to view the sunset in Phuket, At Laem Phromthep, there is also a Brahmaman plaza for you to pay homage to.

Mai Khao Beach airplane view point

Anyone who is traveling to Phuket for the first time or has arrived by plane to bike rent   Phuket International Airport and is looking for a landmark to check in with to let friends

know you are in Phuket. Must come to Mai Khao Beach, a beach located close to Phuket Airport where you can easily walk in just a few minutes. Moreover, if on any day the wind direction is from the sea side You may also get to take photos or see planes landing at Phuket Airport up close.

Maiton Island

If you want to dive or relax on a beautiful, private island. We recommend buying bike rent a tour to visit Maiton Island, which is located only 15 minutes from Phuket. It is

a beautiful island located not far away. Traveling is not tiring. The sea water here is extremely clear. We walked into the water and could see our own feet in the water. Plus you can snorkel to see coral reefs. And little Nemo fish can be found right in front of the island! It’s another tourist attraction that you shouldn’t miss.

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