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bike rent near me Phuket motorbike rental, professional motorcycle rental service provider Happy to serve every customer.

bike rent near me

bike rent near me Rent a motorcycle from changthai shop. There are a variety of motorcycles to choose from. bike rental phuket airport Travel around Phuket Island comfortably. Freedom to plan your own travel in each place. Various motorcycles to choose from such as Honda click 125 c.c, Honda click 110 c.c and Honda Forza 350cc 2023

bike rent near me

bike rent near me Enjoy traveling

on Phuket Island by riding your own motorcycle.

Easy to borrow and return bike rental phuket with motorcycle delivery service to your hotel.
Soi Chao Fa 39, Chalong Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket 83000
Business hours:
Saturday 9:00–20:00
Sunday 9:00–18:00
Monday 9:00–20:00
(Father’s Day)
Business hours may vary.
Wednesday 9:00–20:00
Thursday 9:00–20:00
Friday 9:00–20:00
Telephone: 093 687 1999 Chang Thai

models of motorcycles to choose from for rent.

1.Honda Click 125cc 2. Honda Click 160cc 2023 3. Honda PCX 150cc 2017 4. New Honda PCX 160cc 2023 5. Honda Forza 350cc 2023 , easy to rent, no hassle. There is a flight with no deposit. bike rent near me Use only 4 substances

National ID motorcycle (real)
Driver’s license (original). If you don’t have one, you can rent one.
Flight flight to and from (when booking). bikes rental near me If you don’t have one, you can rent one, but you have to come with a tour bus. Passport (for foreigners)

bike rent near me

With just these 4 things, you can rent a motorcycle. changthairentals shop there is a service. Free pick-up and drop-off at the airport as well. Anyone who is coming to visit Phuket and doesn’t have a motorbike to travel around in Phuket, bicycle rental near me I would like to recommend changthairentals Shop. Because it’s cheap, good service, easy to rent. If anyone’s interested, call 093 687 1999.

Today we will introduce Motorbikes for rent in Phuket

What models are suitable for renting motorbikes to travel in Phuket? bike rent near me Anyone who is interested in traveling to Phuket is looking for a rental motorcycle shop. We will recommend according to the needs of customers as follows. Renting a motorcycle to drive in Phuket to the best of your ability has already been recommended.

bike rent near me
1. Honda Click 125 This motorcycle is comfortable to drive and extremely agile,

but due to its height it makes it a bit easy to fall. But the performance is quite better than a 110 engine motorcycle, bike rent near me making it easy for us to drive and travel faster than using a small motorbike and suitable for large people who want to be confident in getting up. he The motorcycle will have more power than if there are two people in it, changthairentals but there’s no need to worry about gas, so it’s very nerve-wracking.

2.Honda pcx160 cc, this motorcycle is already very popular. Easy to drive bike rentals near me and travel with, good power, good fuel economy, suitable for people who like the beauty of the motorbike and the power of the motorcycle. The motorcycle also has spacious storage, suitable for storing things as well. Can easily store a large hat or a lot of bags.

3.Honda Forza 350cc 2023 This motorcycle is also popular. Easy to drive, agile, travel in Phuket economically and can go anywhere in Phuket. The price is not very expensive. Suitable for no more than 2 people to sit up to Patong mountain comfortably. Themotorcycle drives as well as the Scoopy and is easier to drive. Is it comfortable to sit alone or with two people

Finally, the shop asks customers to travel safely and not be negligent in driving. If any customer is interested in renting a motorcycle from the shop, you can contact the shop through any channel.

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